ebay and my quest to regain some old apples

I'm going through a retro phase in my life at the moment. The early Apple II's are on my "I want" list. I remember when my father bought home an Apple IIc with monitor, it was a great little computer. I am kicking myself now because several years ago he asked me if I wanted it and I said no.... dumb! He sold it for very little money. After scouring ebay for a few weeks I came across and Apple IIe (pal version, but the TV output was not working), an Apple IIe (fully working) and an Apple IIc (with no power supply).
My collection begins. I have successfully won each auction and am now awaiting their arrival.


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I'm with you, man. For the past few years, old Macs were my deal. Now that I got an Apple //e a few weeks ago, and an Apple //c coming soon, I've shifted focus to the Apple. Smile