iMac G4 hangs on boot

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iMac G4 hangs on boot

A few months back I picked up one of the iMacs with the swivel neck from a college surplus sale. It worked fine for a while, but one day i went to boot it up and it just hung on the while apple. If memory serves it either had Tiger on it when I got it or I loaded Tiger on it at some point. I've tried reloading the OS but I can't get it to boot from any install DVDs I have. Thinking it was the the DVD that was the problem I burned several new copies from the image I have using both DVD+R and -R just to be sure. Made no difference. Anyone else have this trouble before?

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could be everything. have you tried to swap or remove memory? one of the sticks is accessible through the bottom cover, there are few phillips screws on the bottom to remove it. otherwise i would listen for noise from the hard drive, at that age, it might be possible the hard drive is at its end of life Smile

without further testing its pretty impossible to nail down the problem to a specific component (if its hardware related). you can also try re-installing with the original discs, if by hand.

cheers, chris

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