Powermac 7100 CD Drive problems?

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Powermac 7100 CD Drive problems?

My 7100 (mac os 8.1) won't read CD ROMS.
I've tried CD's I've burn with my macbook as well as audio CDs. I've got nothing.
Any thoughts? I looked and the connections seem to be good- CDs seem to spin in the drive.


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Re: Powermac 7100 CD Drive problems?

Should be a pretty simple swap.

Off the top of my head, I don't remember whether the 7100 still used a SCSI CD-ROM (50 pins) or whether Apple had moved to IDE (40 pins) by that point. Open up and have a look.

I think I have one or two SCSI CD-ROM drives lying around if you need one, otherwise IDE drives are easy to find in just about any store that sells computer parts.

EDIT: A quick look in Mactracker leads me to believe the internal drives are all SCSI. Correct me if you learn otherwise after opening the case.

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Re: Powermac 7100 CD Drive problems?

Unless it's been upgraded, it should be a 2x SCSI CD drive. Had one in my 6100, and it was a bit picky when it came to burned CDs.
Could be just a dirty laser, could be the laser is degrading.
I've used instructions on adjusting pots on the original xbox laser head, but I wouldn't know if there's any tweaking options available for that old scsi drive, nor what numbers you'd aim for.

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