Apple II Keyboard

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Apple II Keyboard

Hi. I m searching a in good condition apple 2 keyboard to attach to apple 1 clone.

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Re: Apple II Keyboard

Just went through this and I had to settle on a keyboard sight unseen without a working encoder (it should arrive in a few days and it will either be a waste of money or a find).

I'd wait if you could and get a PS/2 keyboard for now with an adapter. Right now it seems that Apple II Plus models are going for an arm and a leg when you consider you just want to take the keyboard from it. It's too close to Steve Jobs passing away and everyone and his brother who has an Apple product is looking for $$$$$ it. That being said keep an eye on craigslist and the local papers as you may get one that someone is clearing out, but Ebay is getting expensive for the moment.


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