Pom1 v1.0.0 Released Yet Again

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Pom1 v1.0.0 Released Yet Again

I released a new Pom1 v1.0.0 with many optimization over the previous two releases. I promise this to be the final v1.0.0 release. Smile This release has many great features. The following are the major changes:

Optimized options code and added better error handling.
Load option now has option to simulate keyboard input for ASCII format.
Added show about option.
Added command line parameters.

I know many of you have wanted the load feature to be more flexible for ASCII format so I optimized it to allow the following:

A line with a start address and then lines with just a colon.
An address followed by a colon and either the first digit of the first byte or a space and then the first digit of the first byte.
Simulation of keyboard input where the characters read from the file are entered as keyboard input.

The original ASCII format is also still supported and is what the save option still generates.

I also changed the automake configuration file to install the roms, docs, and files for freedesktop if you are on a platform that supports it. I also added various ways to configure the roms directory. You can set an environment variable called POM1ROMDIR, use the -romdir command line parameter, or keep the roms directory relative to the executable. The environment variable overrides the relative directory and the command line parameter overrides both the environment variable and the relative directory. The reason I introduced this was because on an Unix like platform you can choose the prefix of where you want to install, so I did not want to hard code any particular path in the executable. On an Unix like platform two files are installed. One file is the executable called pom1-1.0.0 and the other is a shell script that sets the environment variable and then runs the executable. The shell script is generated by the configure script. All of the various ways to configure the roms directory can be used on most platforms though.

I hope you enjoy the new release. I worked hard the last few months fixing things, getting a proper build system implemented, and implementing requested features. It was a very enjoyable process and I learned a lot about the autotools during the last few weeks. Thank you again to all of the Pom1 users for their patience for a stable build.

As usual you can grab the latest version from the Pom1 website located at http://pom1.sourceforge.net/

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Re: Pom1 v1.0.0 Released Yet Again

Does this version have an option to copy and paste text? Physically typing out many lines of code can be A LOT of work! http://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t158/yogitasanas/th_typing.gif

Edit: Never mind. I figured it out. Playing rocket_Apple_I from text file!

Your Pom1 is not only a good A1 emulator it's also a great conversion tool. ASCII to .bin is a piece of cake. Smile

Great job!

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