Apple ][ Repair Guide - donor computer needed!

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Apple ][ Repair Guide - donor computer needed!

I'm a keen Apple ][ enthusiast from Australia. I've owned a few machines over the years, and currently have a //e, couple of //c's and a IIgs. I had a ][ europlus that I parted with some time ago and have regretted it since!

Older ][ or ][ plus machines are just not available here, but I'd like to get one in my collection.

What I would like to do is restore an old Apple ][ or ][ plus machine whilst documenting the entire process for the good of the Apple ][ community (see :

Restoration would include electronics and cosmetics.

I need a donor machine though, so I am asking around to see if anyone has a ][ or ][ plus in need of TLC, not currently working, that they are willing to donate or sell at a reasonable cost (I would pay all shipping costs). the machine would ideally be reasonably complete (case, keyboard, psu, logic board), though I would consider sourcing these component parts from individual donors (if you have just a case, or logic board, please contact me).

I own oscilloscope and suitable soldering equipment etc, and all scope traces would be documented where required.

The resulting write-up will be an informative, detailed guide in repairing an ageing Apple ][/ ][ plus, ensuring the machine can be enjoyed for many years to come.

I can be contacted at

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Re: Apple ][ Repair Guide - donor computer needed!

Sorry I don't have spare hardware for you, but I look forward to reading the results!

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