Getting files onto old compact Macs?

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Getting files onto old compact Macs?

I have an SE/30 running System 6, a Plus running System 6, a Classic II running System 7, and some other ethernet enabled Macs running System 8 to Lion.

When I download old OS's and old system 6 and 7 software I have no way of getting them from my newer Macs to my older Macs. The old ones don't have ethernet and the new ones don't have floppies.

Is there an easy way to bridge the PhoneNet network to the ethernet network? Or should I get a USB floppy? Or maybe a SCSI zip drive and a USB zip drive?

What do you guys do?


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Re: Getting files onto old compact Macs?

Your System 8 ethernet-enabled Macs may be able to run Apple's Localtalk Bridge software. This lets you use a Mac as a bridge between Localtalk and ethernet networks.

External scsi devices are handy for this sort of thing, too. It's hard to find cheap (and still working) 50-pin scsi drives, but there are 80-pin models out there still, and the cheap 80-to-50 pin adapters on ebay work fine. You may also need to hunt down third-party or patched formatting software if you don't already have something like that.

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