iMac Sleep Issues?

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iMac Sleep Issues?


I was curious if the first generation iMacs have sleep issues. It seems like sometimes when the machine I have is put to sleep, or even told to reboot, that the screen does not come back. You can hear the hard drive spin back up and access, but the monitor doesn't always fire back up (you can hear it when it does). If this is normal, that's fine, but if not I'm curious if it can be fixed.


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Sometimes it is caused by a f

Sometimes it is caused by a failing fly-back transformer (which means you need to pull it and replace it). If you are running X, I could be caused by a number of things. I have a similar problem right now related to speakable items: if the machine goes to sleep due to Energy Saver, it wakes up ok, but if manually put to sleep and Speakable Items is on, I need to restart it via the oinhole button.


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