Wico Trackball for Apple II

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Wico Trackball for Apple II
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I picked up one of these on Ebay hoping it would function as a paddle replacement since the prices for those are absurd these days. What I found is, it does not replace the paddles, but it is a slot independent, fully functioning arcade trackball that registers both location and acceleration, unlike the Atari version which just replaced the joystick. Do any of you know of any games that are designed for this controller, or can be made to work with it? I have seen some mention of "pre-boot" disks used for other versions, do any of you know if such things exist for Apple II software?

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Re: Wico Trackball for Apple II

its quite curious to think about a trackball as a alternate joystick..... in fact it rather more replaces a mouse.....
assuming that several games support the usage of mouse, it seems more usefull to look for such games ..... and by software this aspect makes more sense because the trackball is treated rather more like a mouse instead of a joystick....
sincerely speedyG

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