When did ProDos start supporting directories

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When did ProDos start supporting directories

I don't want to change the processor on my Apple II, but want to use folders with the CFFA3000 to organize my images.

Since I can't change to a 65c02, I'm limited to the earliest releases.


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Re: When did ProDos start supporting directories

Since version 1.0.0.. That was one of the major features of ProDOS verses DOS 3.3..

Can you use DOS.MASTER??

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Re: When did ProDos start supporting directories

Hello Corey,
you can use ProDOS from the very beginning, because it was the very difference of ProDOS taht it started with
directory and prefix options. I highly recommend you to use for transfers and organizing at least ProDOS 1.1.1
( or posible up to Vers. 2.0.3 in 8 Bit Version ) and Copy II Plus ( CPS = Central Point Software )
with the version 7.2 or above.

From that point CPS was nearly completely bugfree and it also offered the possibility to transfer files from DOS to ProDOS with conversion utilities. It´s painfree and you can setup different slots and drives and volumes so there is no problem working with Drives in slot 6 and CFFA in any other slot.

The main differences between 7.2 and later versions have been in majority changes and adds integrated in the
Bitcopy mode for copying protected software with parameters.... so later versions are not mandatory for your usage of the programm... at asimov you might get the Version 7.2 and ,as far as i am able to remember, also the manual is there availiable. Even if the manual is from later version like 8.0 or 9.2 you can take it, because the changes in description are only related to parts you won´t use.

In Filecopy mode there have not been any changes from 7.2 to 9.0 so description of menus and options remain same.

sincerely speedyG

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