PowerMac 5300/100 LC screen help

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PowerMac 5300/100 LC screen help

I need to know if there is a switch or dials or program that can alow me to adjust my screen so that it goes all the way out to the edge. because I upped the res. and now i have a half an inch of black around the screen.

p.s. I'm running system 7.5.3 if that makes a difference

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5300 junk

Someone really needs to stop me from sayiong this... anyone? No? OK then.


And as an answer to your question- no, there's nothing you can do to resize the screen area.

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I don't have 7.5.3 running I can go look at right now, but look for "geometry" in the "Monitors and Sound" Control Panel.

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Those machines are too old to

Those machines are too old to have software geometry control--in order to change advanced screen settings (size, position, etc.) you need to take the back case off and twiddle with the potentiometers.

As always, BE CAREFUL when you do this. Read the service manual first.

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Apparently it's even worse th

Apparently it's even worse than we thought. I just took a gander at the Service Manual for this unit, and it turns out there are no potentiometers on this model for screen display size. This is probably because the built-in monitor is a multiscan, and screen-size adjustments don't apply equally to different resolution setups.

So you have to disconnect the analog board, then hook up something called a Monitor Adjustment Cable between one of the motherboard's rear ports and a special pin on the analog board. Then you reassemble, start up, fire up the Display Adjustment Utility, and select a special 5200/5300 screen item. Then some oncscreen controls appear for horizontal and vertical size (among other settings). And you have to separately adjust the size of the screen for each resolution setting. I suppose once you make the adjustments, the settings are stored in PRAM or NVRAM or something.

So, aside from the fact that it's probably impossible to source a Monitor Adjustment Cable, I'd say it isn't worth the bother of trying to enlarge the screen size.

The standard potentiometers do allow for adjusting the location of the image, if it isn't centered on the screen vertically or horizontally.


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I'll say it . . .

. . . STOP! It's incredibly annoying to read derisive commentary about roadapples. When you talk the same trash about other member's toys just because they're old, Macs that were never even in that infamous category, it's more than just annoying. Your comments are in conflict with the very nature of hacking and the technological "archaeology" that is the lifeblood of online communities like 'fritter and the 68kMLA, IMHO.

Anything current enough to be what you appear to consider "useful" would be useless for hacks that would actually involve learning much of anything at all about technology. If all you really want to read about here in the forums, or see written up on 'fritter, is the odd repackaged MLB and some painted cases, just keep it up!

Some of the members actually enjoy futzing around with dumpster ballast priced toys just to see what makes them tick. I just learned several things from earthmage's curiosity, Dr. Webster's follow up to Dan's suggestion, and especially from tmtomh's quick look-see at the service docs. I wouldn't have know anything about these things if it hadn't been for this question coming up and I appreciate their efforts to troubleshoot this failing roadapple very much.


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Thanks for the info guys. You

Thanks for the info guys. You all are great. I am trying to learn as much as i can about old systems because I think they are cool. I like tinkering to see how they work. I always try to RTFM first befor i ask a question but this one had me stumped. Do you hava a link to the service man's? that would help a lot.

Thanks guys again


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