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Display frame/case

I was wondering where I could find something I could display my Apple I replica in. I'd like it to be wooden with glass on the front so that you can see the board. I can't use a picture frame because the board is too thick. Any ideas where I could find such a display case for it?

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Re: Display frame/case


A shadow box would probably work.

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Re: Display frame/case

I'm building a minimalist frame, using an stained oak plywood base (12"x24"), with McMaster-Carr 4" aluminum standoffs to hold a sheet of plexi above the top. (I'll also get a laser cut plexi box around the AC section, for safety's sake.)

12"x24" isn't necessary if you're not running a slot expander - you could get away with 12"x20" and still have plenty of space, if you were just running the motherboard with the transformers. Also, 4" standoffs wouldn't be necessary if you don't plan on working with a CFFA1 or other potential third-party cards, and were just running the ACI.

I'll have bolted on rubber feet (in fact, the bolts for the feet will go into the bottom of the standoffs), as well, which will make it so that I can choose to either hang it on the wall, or set it on a table.

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Re: Display frame/case


I built a case for my Replica a few years ago and posted plans and instructions here on Applefritter:


You may want to modify what I built if you want a clear front on it. Be sure to post some pictures when you get it done.

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