AIX-related / Apple Network Server / Search for software

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AIX-related / Apple Network Server / Search for software

I am working on my project again: re-activating an upgraded Apple Network Server 500/132 for the internet. This box shall provide some rare software for old Macs, maybe even BeOS and NeXT machines.

For this project I am in need of old, if possible pre-compiled versions of MySQL, Perl and PHP known to be working within AIX 4.1.4 or 4.1.5 - not higher! As I want to use the server´s original OS (AIX 4.1.4 or 4.1.5) and not NetBSD or YDL I am having troubles finding such RPMs out there in the internet. Sites like Bull´s Freeware and else start offering software for AIX at level 4.3 or higher...

There once have been distribution fixes provided by Apple itself many years ago on their servers. If anybody is owning a archive of these please let me know, too.

Any hint will be very welcome to me!

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Re: AIX-related / Apple Network Server / Search for software

I´ll search my archives.... but that will take quite a lot time due to the fact that large parts are also located apart from my home.... but there is a good chance due to the fact that i spent quite some time with AIX in the years from 1985 to 1995... but there is one point that might lead to a result without solution: i used AIX in the main for servers by Hewlett Packard and IBM and therefor the compiled versions were compiled for use on that machines... but at the other hand i also collected related software also in precompiled versions because i intended to port them for use with other machines...
but as explained the search might take a couple of weeks - depending to when i will make again a travel to my external archive ( some 260 km away from homeplace )....
i remember those days quite well because i switched in those days first from SCO UNIX to BSD and besides started with AIX ... later the BSD Project was moved from Berkley to Helsinki due to the case between AT&T and Berkley ... at the end finally that leaded to the birth of LINUX ( that still contains quite large parts of BSD... i was in those days involved in the design of drivers to different kinds of hardware .... cheers for the birth of open source....

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Re: AIX-related / Apple Network Server / Search for software

This sounds like a cool project, I have always wondered how the ANS systems worked. It is always nice to see people put old hardware to good use. Good luck to you on this project.

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Re: AIX-related / Apple Network Server / Search for software

I don't have PHP, but I do have Perl for the ANS, and I ran MySQL on it (though I compiled this by hand from source). This is what I have left from AIXPDSLIB. The 3.2.5 and 4.1 archives will work on the ANS.


(If your Web browser doesn't speak Gopher, here is a Firefox addon: )

While I'm at it, here's all the ANS stuff I have, including photographs and the Mac OS Services suite:

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