Mac 128k with 5.25" floppy drive

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Mac 128k with 5.25" floppy drive

Just found this while searching through eBay. No affiliation with seller, etc.

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I Saw That

Yeah, I saw that too and was gonna post, but decided not to. I

didn't even know they had those things floating around. Cool find.:)

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TwiggyMacThread . . .

. . . in the old CC forum:;action=display;num=1033895847;start=

jt Wink

edit: looks like that faceplate has the same glossy finish as the SonyMac Prototype in the earlier eBay auction. I wonder if the tooling was ever textured for a pre-production run. If not there may only be a couple of dozen of these things extant!

T.O., you've GOTTA request those additional piccies from the seller, he owes you that for using 'fritter a s a reference!

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