My Uthernet II arrived...

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Re: My Uthernet II arrived...

Hmmm... interesting! If/when it happens sign me up for a couple.

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Re: My Uthernet II arrived...

First draft of network printing is implemented. Smile More details in the other thread...

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Re: My Uthernet II arrived...
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Re: My Uthernet II arrived...

Uthernet II's seemed to stop going out the end of October.

Still waiting for mine.... It doesn't look like the my Apple will get a Christmas present this year. Sad

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Re: My Uthernet II arrived...

Hello BillO,
you should not loose confidence.....
mine with serial 249 arrived 2 weeks ago in the local customs facility here in Germany.....
I picked it up 2 days later.....
bear in mind that at the moment most customs facilities are flooded with foreign christmas
parcels..... but in general the most of the guys in that facilities try to clear up the
storages befor the holidays....
there is still a good chance for arrival few days before christmas eve....
speedyG Wink


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