how do I use a usb printer on my Beige G3?

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how do I use a usb printer on my Beige G3?

I have tried to get a new usb printer for my G3 beige desktop w/ os 9.2.2, but there is NEVER a usb port icon available in the chooser. The usb card works fine with my mouse and epson scanner. I purchased my g3 used, so I'm not sure who manufactured the usb card (it was installed by the original owner). I tried moving the card to different slots with no luck. I have tried Epson and Hp printers, with no luck. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have an old Epson Color Stylus printer (left over from my Amiga days) that works fine through the printer port, but I would like to upgrade to a newer printer. Thank you in advance for any help!

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I had the same type of proble

I had the same type of problem with my 7300. When I got it, the card was in the slot but not being recognized. What I ended up doing was reinstalling OS 9, making sure that the USB extensions were installed. When I finished, the card worked perfectly. You can probably find the manufacturer if you look on the card for any labels, imprints, etc. It is probably a Keyspan, because I think that is the most common brand, especially for Macs. I hope this helps!


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