G3 All-In-One Mac OS X 10.2.8 Display Brightness Problems

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G3 All-In-One Mac OS X 10.2.8 Display Brightness Problems

I recently recieved about 6 All-In-One G3s from my school (we got 2 new labs full of eMacs and they were dumping these, luckily I drive a station wagon to school and could fit them in the back.) I was planning on loading OS X 10.2.8 (Their maximum OS w/o XPostFacto) and selling them on eBay. They have 256MB of Ram and 10GB Hard Drives, so they are well equipped for a large amount of tasks.

The problem is that when I load OS X 10.2 (no updates) everything looks great, bright video, no problems. When I load the 10.2.8 Combined Update the machine reboots and the display is noticablly dimmer. I went into System Preferences and selected ColorSync and used the Calibrator to kick up the brightness/contrast and it looked great yet when I reboot the settings return to normal. Is there any way to make these brightness settings stick.

Any sugestions?

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are the clock batteries good?

are the clock batteries good? PRAM reset maybe

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