Adding FPU to Color Classic

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Adding FPU to Color Classic

I'm thinking about adding an FPU (math coporocessor) to my Color Classic out of curiosity. I know that a lot of 86k Macs called for Motorola 68882 chips for this purpose, and a quick search on eBay shows that they're plentiful and cheap (as in $5 shipped). Is there anything I need to look out for when picking one of these up? Obviously it'll need to have the correct form factor (chip carrier), but are there other considerations?

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Is there an empty socket for

Is there an empty socket for an FPU on a Color Classic?


Edit -- googled it...  yes, there is.  And the pic I found shows a 68882 installed, so that's what you want.  Make sure the clock speed is at least as fast as your CPU.  The one in the pic I found looks like a 33MHz part.




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