Is there an Apple II,+,e, flowchart/walkthough to determin problems??

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Is there an Apple II,+,e, flowchart/walkthough to determin problems??

Is there a site or file or some such that someone can use to diagnose problems in a apple II or Plus, E, etc?

Some sort of thing that you check this thing first  them goto here if  this or there if that? Something kind of modern. not someting from Apple that might say 'replace main booard' if this fault occurs.

A toubleshoting guide? Something a non EE person can follow with a good general knowledge of computers, ie a long time hobbiest? For some one that dose not know what video sync is, or how to test a crystal, does not know a O-scope, just a multimeter and a soldering iron.



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Try this: Apple II Service
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There are a few books on

There are a few books on repairing Apple IIs here:



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And some more here:
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There are far too many

There are far too many chips involved in interaction to produce a "kind of error flowchart"
but I have made pages that describe procedures how to norrow mistakes down to spcific "function blocks" at:

and at:
It also would be usefull to download this book:
(please copy entire link without linefeed  to one single line in your browser ) !
But be aware that download requires  quite time because book has quite more than  100 MByte size !
hope this helps....

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Yes there is such a book. I

Yes there is such a book. I bought it back in 1986. The book breaks the motherboard down into all the different sections and their function. You can follow a flow chart to repair that the book is very good.

I worked as a computer technician back then when computers could be repaired at the component level.  I repaired IBM'S for work, but fixed Apples on the side. And I still keep mine alive now. The II+ is simple to repair. 

Apple II Plus/IIe Troubleshooting & Repair Guide.

ISBN:0-672-22353-8.  I found another copy recently to give to a friend. I will post a pic of the book when I am in front of my computer .


This book is very helpful. But, there are still times you need to get the Oscope out. My II+ was having weird problems that seemed like bad RAM. But after some troubleshooting with the Oscope I found that the 74S175 was bad. 

Here it is on a site where you can check it out online-


There is another SAMS book which I also own named the Apple II Circuit Description. Has great info and full schematics of the II+, early and later rev boards.


I think it is online here if I found the correct link-




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