installing iMac airport cards

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installing iMac airport cards

Can anyone tell me how hard (or easy) it is to install an apple airport card into a slot loading iMac G3 500mhz model?
I have done some limited work on the unit before (installing new memory) but have not a clue where the slot for this card would be found.

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imac airport card

This is what Apple says

According to lowendmac, This machine shouldn't need an adapter card, like some earlier iMac's. I can't say much from personal experience, as I am a tower guy, especially when it comes to upgrades. It looks pretty straightforward tho. Good Luck!

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If I remember correctly, the

If I remember correctly, the door on the back "ass" of the iMac opens and inside goes the RAM and the AP card.

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Adaper Card Is Required

I'm pretty certain that all the G3 iMacs need an Airport adapter card. My DV400 certainly did. But just slot the card into the adapter, open the door on the underside, slot the adapter into place and then connect the aerial. Job done.

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There should be a pair of whi

There should be a pair of white plastic tabs sticking up right next to the RAM slots. The adaptor goes right between 'em.

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