Avid Nubus Systems

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Avid Nubus Systems

Hi all,

Anybody here have any experience with AVID Nubus based systems (hardware and software)? I have a few AVID based cards and need some software to test them with.

Currently have:
Avid Trueview Video Card Part # 2500-4721-00 (Avid ABVB board, looks like a modified Targa 2000)
(Have the video IN/OUT cable for this card also)
Avid Pyton II card Part # 2500-4710-10 (comes up as Avid Advanced JPEG Board using a Nubus snooper app)
(I have a cable coming out of the daughterboard of the above card and no idea what it is for, ends in a large plug that has a metal plate like it goes to some external box outside of the mac)
Silicon Express IV 50/68 pin SCSI card
Audiomedia II audio card

Coming soon:

MSP 3.0 Dongle from AVID with EDL option and Advanced Image option (Not sure if this is for the above boardset, it was used with a Nuvista+ based card thatwas of lower quality then the boardset above).

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Avid Nubus Systems and Resurrection

I know that this post is very old but there are not many people left working with these systems or have any software for them.


If you still have this system and want to get it working, I do have the MSP 3.x software that will go with your dongle still.  I also have several support files for the old Nuvista+ boards, and Avid Nubus systems in my collection.  I'm currently looking for Media Composer 6.5.3 Nubus  To get at least one of my ABVB Nubus systems functional.  


What I'm also extremely interested in is if you still have that Janus/Python II card with the cable?  That cable goes to a Pinnacle 3DFX pizza box.  I have the Python II card as well as the Janus  it mounts to AND the Pinnacle 3DFX box that has been sitting for 10 years.  I'm missing the cable still!   Would love to get this system up and running.  The dongles I have for my board do also have the 3D realtime options for the box which are also required.


If you are still playing with these systems would love to get in touch with you and maybe figure out how to help each other out.



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