Avid Nubus Systems

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Avid Nubus Systems

Hi all,

Anybody here have any experience with AVID Nubus based systems (hardware and software)? I have a few AVID based cards and need some software to test them with.

Currently have:
Avid Trueview Video Card Part # 2500-4721-00 (Avid ABVB board, looks like a modified Targa 2000)
(Have the video IN/OUT cable for this card also)
Avid Pyton II card Part # 2500-4710-10 (comes up as Avid Advanced JPEG Board using a Nubus snooper app)
(I have a cable coming out of the daughterboard of the above card and no idea what it is for, ends in a large plug that has a metal plate like it goes to some external box outside of the mac)
Silicon Express IV 50/68 pin SCSI card
Audiomedia II audio card

Coming soon:

MSP 3.0 Dongle from AVID with EDL option and Advanced Image option (Not sure if this is for the above boardset, it was used with a Nuvista+ based card thatwas of lower quality then the boardset above).