Disk ][ Analogue Board Trimmers

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Disk ][ Analogue Board Trimmers

On the Disk ][ Analogue Board (691-92001), there are two trimmers, factory set and sealed with orange/yellow wax. On one of the drives that I have, one of these has been broken free. 


The service books do not and never have mentioned adjusting these. Does anyone recall what each trimmer does, and how to calibrate them?

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One of them is peak hold

One of them is peak hold/detection timing.  There is a bit on this one in Apple II restoration pages and a reference to  Jim Sather's book, "Understanding the Apple II".




The other may be disk rotational speed adjust, but it's on a different board, so I'm not sure if that is the one that you are refering to.


With the right tools, both are fairly easy to tweak.



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The 2 potentiometers are described in the Disk II trechnical procedures  pages 46 & 47.




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