Height of cooling fins on real Apple I

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Height of cooling fins on real Apple I

Hi there -

I was wondering which are the dimensions of the +5V regulator heat sink in a real Apple I.

There is a BOM floating around which points to a Wakefield 680-125 available from mouser.com, but the website says it is 31.8 mm high, which I think from photos of real Apple I's floating around may be a bit too short, but I may be mistaken.

Anyone with a real Apple I willing to take measurements, the height over the PCB surface being the most important one ?

Of course my intent is not evil (I don't build a fake Apple I to swap it against one on display in a museum ;-) but for some reason I need to know how high the heat sinks could get.

Any hint is much appreciated !


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I don't mind takeing

I don't mind takeing measurements as a triple check (I have some measurements I did years ago), but with the Covid shut down I may not have access to a real apple-1 till the banks fully open since I don't keep the real thing at home.

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In my old emails, I have two

In my old emails, I have two different heights (1.25" or 1") being discussed, with the 1" measurement appararently being taken from an original Apple 1.  I know that particular Apple 1 had at one point used an external power supply, so I'm not so sure that that unit has original power supply components.  Note that 31.8mm = 1.25", so those measurements are the same as the Wakefield 680-125 part.

However, here is an end on picture of one of the original Apple 1's that Dave Larson used to have.  The power connector stakes rise about 5/16" above the PCB and the connector is almost 15/16" long.  An actual  heatsink is about 1 13/16" on a side.  Based on this view, I think that 1" would be too short, so 1.25" seems right to me.



Mike Willegal




Mike Wilelgal

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