I found an LCD that works with the Apple 1

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I found an LCD that works with the Apple 1

I was going through stuff and came upon an old pocket LCD TV and got the bright idea to tryt it out on my Mimeo.  I made up a cable and to my surprise, it worked perfectly the first time. 


OK maybe I should qualify this a bit.  While it "technically" worked it's probably not what anyone would normally use, except maybe in a tool box.  




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Fascinating !

This is a very surprising result indeed !


Note there is absolutely no sign of horizontal oscillator lock-in artefacts. 


Unbelievable ! (But obviously true as proven by the photos).


I'd be interested in the HSYNC width of your Apple 1. Do you have an oscilloscope ? My clone has a 10 microsecond wide HSYNC which screws up most TV's and Monitors (the standard calls for roughly half of that).  I always suspected I have a bad chip somewhere in my build, but so far nobody told me the right value.


In any case your find elevates hopes to find a somewhat larger flat screen thing that may work with an unmodified Apple I.


Regardless what the HSYNC width of an Apple I  is, the lack of a serrated VSYNC is perhaps the biggest troublemaker. 


I have a foul idea of adding some "thingy" from the analog world that would inject HSYNC into the video even during VSYNC, but so far did not get around to experiment with that.


BTW, you have a super cool case for your Apple I. (Want !)  






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Hi UncleBernie,

My o'scope bit the dust some time ago but I've got another on order so I'll be able to check the video soon.  


Corey986 found a nice 19 inch monitor that works well and isn't expensive.  


Thank you for the kind words on my case.  It's a Harbor Freight aluminum tool case I modified but it's so old and worn it looks the part.  

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Wow - an affordable apple

Wow - an affordable apple monitor! I can them listed for under $20 USD...



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The actual image on the Casio isn't good

The actual image isn't good enough on these pocket Casio TVs.   

If you look at the "listing" in the pictures in this thread.  It's hard to make out. 

 It would have been really useful to have a small "pocket" TV which I could have used for troubleshooting Apple-1 systems.    Still cool that these pocket TVs use analog signal processing which is why they can lock onto the Apple-1 video.  For modern sets with digital processing it is such a crap shoot.  

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