The crazy life...

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The crazy life...

Well, it finally hapened again. My wife gave birth to our third this past Tuesday. Tipping the scales at 8.ll# and 21.34", we have a new daughter. This brings the grand total to one boy (5), and two girls (almost 4 and the now 5-day -old). It is a special and magical time and I forgot how busy things tend to get around birth-time. Thanks God i was not too heavily impacted by the hurricanes. I have been running around so much, and left so much undone.

To that end, I wanted to give anyone with whom I have unfinished business a heads-up and let them know that I will carry things through. Specifcally, I owe a shipping cost to someone in near New Orleans for the Apple II's and I need to drop a CS II card in the mail to someone in the Netherlands. I also have to drop by a local school before the send out the recycling 'cuz that is where I got the emates and expect to get the 8600's (please do not glom for info on these items, I will post it once I get and prepare everything).

I have taken this whole coming week off from work, so I will have no excuse to get this stuff done. I do not think I have any other transactions outstanding, but if you read this and do not fit the genreal desription of the two folks above, please reply to this post and remind me, accepting my deepest apologies for the oversight.


Once i get my scanner back up, I will most likely post a few pics, some of the antics of the older two are worth sharing, despite my private nature.

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Congatulations! Now with 3 k

Congatulations! Now with 3 kids, the "pitter-patter" is something along the lines of a low magnitude quake? Smile

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