WTB : Apple firmware card with Applesoft ROMS

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WTB : Apple firmware card with Applesoft ROMS

Does anyone have a spare firmware card? I have Integer basic ROMs in my ][ and chasing an Apple firmware card with Applesoft ROMS. I want an Apple card specifically, to keep it all Apple Smile

Even if you just have the card and no ROM's that would be ok, or even a card with Integer ROM's as I can swap them out.


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ROM card Apple II

Some folks in Hong Kong have a blank one for sale.


I have a dead one and am looking for a functional replacement.  If you find one, see if they have two!


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I have blanks

A while back I cloned and made a quantity of these Apple  II ROM cards. It turned out that I made too many...  (LOL)

I can send you one for the shipping costs if you want...


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