Disk utility to move drive head

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Disk utility to move drive head

I'm attempting to record the sounds of a Drive 2 in operation, and I'm wondering if there's pre-existing software to move the drive heads on command. Ideally I just want to move the head from the first track to the last. 

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I don't know of a disk

I don't know of a disk utility that specifically does this, but many can move the head around.

Aptest (https://macgui.com/downloads/?file_id=9611&keywords=aptest) has an alignment checking routine that moves the head back and forth across the surface of the diskette that could make the noises you want.


If you want to do something specific you'll need to brush up on machine code.  You can look here in chapter 6:



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Professor Stephen Buggie

Professor Stephen Buggie throws many utility disks in with his different Apple ][ eBay sales, and I believe one or more includes a disk drive utility:


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Doesn't Copy II+ have a disk

Doesn't Copy II+ have a disk verify that steps from track 00 to 1F? I don't recall if it has the knocking at the start though. 

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