Apple Monitor Capacitors

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Apple Monitor Capacitors

Hey all. Recently I purchased an Apple Color Monitor (model A2M6020), unfortunately after receiving it I noticed that the screen was acting funky. After talking to a friend I learned that the capacitors need to be replaced. Was wondering if anybody knew offhand what type of capacitors it uses and how many.

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These guys do PSUs, drives etc, no listing for monitors but they may know a source.


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Console 5 stocks some monitor

Console 5 stocks some monitor kits (like the IIgs monitor and Commodore 1702), but doesn't stock a kit for this monitor.  And as far as I know, no schematic exists for this monitor either.  I recapped my Color Monitor IIc (which I think is the same as the 6020) a while back and had sent him the list of caps, but he never did anything with it.  Here is the list of caps I found in mine.  The list should be accurate, but double check everything against yours.  Apple really skimped on quality caps in this monitor.  Some no name chineese cap in most cases.  Samyoung may have been in partnership with United Chemi-Con at the time, as they used a similar logo.  So those might be decent quality.  Or they were ripping them off by using their logo, not sure.  One of the main filter caps looked like the top was bulging.  I think that was C506? But it may have been manufactured that way, hard to say.


C514 I guessed is a low leakage cap.  In the 80's special caps usually had bright yellow or orange sleeves.  They could denote they were "low leakage" or possibly low ESR.  Since that cap was yellow, I treated it as such by using a Nichicon KL series (ultra low leakage).  But I don't know for sure.  Can't say it seemed to hurt that I used that particular cap.  For the rest I just used good 105c Nichicon and Panasonic caps.


C2030.4750Samyoung? UCC like logo, black SM series
C2130.4750Samyoung? UCC like logo, black SM series
C1200.4750Samyoung? UCC like logo, black SM series
C1170.4750Samyoung? UCC like logo, black SM series
C135150Samhwa purple, SA series
C201150Samhwa purple, SA series
C211150Samhwa purple, SA series
C308150Samhwa purple, SA series
C2241160Samhwa purple, GA series - Power supply?
C9081250Neck board - Samhwa purple, GA series
C1111016Samhwa purple, no series marking
C2221016Samyoung? UCC like logo, black SM series
C1611016Samyoung? UCC like logo, black SM series
C1301050Samhwa purple, SA series
C14022250Samhwa purple, no series marking - Power supply, maybe not?
C2093316Samyoung? UCC like logo, black SM series
C5143350Samhwa yellow, RM series - Low leakage? Connects directly to flyback
C3103350Samhwa purple, SA series
C22833160Samhwa purple HR series - Power supply?
C2204716Samhwa purple, SA series
C3124735Samhwa purple, SA series
C1014750Samhwa purple, no series marking
C10210016Samhwa purple, SA series
C51010025Samyoung? UCC like logo, black SM series
C30510035Samyoung? UCC like logo, black SM series
C506150200Samhwa blue, CE series, snap in - Power supply?
C512220160Samhwa purple, GA series - Power supply?
C30947035Samyoung? UCC like logo, black SM series
C410100016Samhwa purple, SA series
C136100016Samhwa purple, SA series
C138100025Samyoung? UCC like logo, black SM series
C302100025Samyoung? UCC like logo, black SM series
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