1975 wooden back Sanyo VM-4092 monitor available to pair with Apple 1 computer to increase value.

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1975 wooden back Sanyo VM-4092 monitor available to pair with Apple 1 computer to increase value.

Some Apple 1 owners might currently have their computer paired with a monitor from the late 70's or even 80's.

I have a earlier Sanyo-VM 4092 monitor available manufactured before 1976. Most of the VM-4092's have metal backs and were made in 1976 and 1977.

If an owner of an Apple 1 or even Apple 2 is interested in this monitor, please message me.


Photos will be uploaded in the next few days.





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Can't wait to see the photos!

Can't wait to see the photos!




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Sanyo VM-4092 monitor available

There's a  Sanyo VM-4092 monitor with a (particleboard?) backing on sale for $5000 on eBay right now.  I wouldn't use that as a good reference for pricing: but at least one person thinks it's extremely valuable.  lol  It does seem to have a nice handle for a monitor of that age.

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5k Really? Funny.When I

5k Really? Funny.

When I picked up an Apple-1, the owner offered me the Sanyo with wooden back side.  No date code and I refused to take it. Later I visited him several times and after somet ime, I took it and it is now in my warehouse. Couldn't find a picture.

I would say it is crazy beyond believe to ask 5k for it. But well, we have seen even more crazy offers. 

The Sanyo is just wanted by many Apple-1 owners (original and replica) simply because some pictures of Apple-1 together with the Sanyo were published. Many owners in the 70's used different monitors. And the Sony 115 was popular as well. 

The Sanyo looks more vintage and so many believe, it is THE monitor for the Apple-1.


Well, I like the Sanyo together with the Apple-1 as well. I am interested in virtual any Sanyo 4092 from 76.



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The one listed on eBay for

The one listed on eBay for $5K doesn't appear to be working and is missing a knob. Also the manufacturing date is not mentioned. I bought another VM-4092 on eBay yesterday for $400 and it's working.

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