Printable Apple Disk II Sleeves

Here are the "production ready" Disk II sleeves for your 5 1/4" Disks!

First of all thanks to Tom Owad and PTB for their help in pushing this little "Quick I need a couple sleeves for some disks I bought" project to where it ended up.

So the final version is in the attached zip file (SVG and PDF). I have fixed the kerning, the letter sizes and leveling to the best of my ability without having a physical original in my hands. It is by no means being represented as an exact clone of the original sleeves.

Now some caveats the font that everyone is using for the Apple characters is Motter Tektura and is not exact, in particular the “k”, “s”, “i” and “d”....hmmm... the whole word! You can see in many peoples custom works the "s" is obvious the others you may not notice. For the “s” because it’s not even close I had to make a custom one in FontForge, for the “k” I had to shrink and then build on the branches with masking rectangles in Inkscape (the same with the “i” and ”d” but not to the same extent. Having said this if you do pull this into an SVG editor such as Inkscape be warned if you grab an object there are lots of layers you may need to move or adjust if you’re looking to play around, go for it though just make a backup!”

Again because this is for all intents and purposes a copy of original Apple copyrighted material, I am not staking any claim to the production of these...however please don’t produce these for profit; this is a production that’s intent was to share. Go to your local print shop if you don’t want to use up your ink or toner. As discussed on the Book of Face some people want a t-shirt, grab some iron on printer paper and go crazy. Enjoy, I’m on to my next project: a W65C02S CPU adapter board based on The Byte Attic's circuit from his Pimp my 8 series back in 2020.




Update: v3.0. I want to send a huge thank you to Tom, PTB and Khaibitgfx for their help on this version!



To match the originals, print on stiff paper, about 0.25mm thick. - Tom


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Looks fantastic.


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Only noticed the related forum discussion now.

Just printed, cut and glued a couple for me. A fun little Sunday afternoon project. :)

Thanks a lot to everyone involved!

Newest version posted above, don't forget to check out the discussion thread, lots of good stuff!

The back side of this new Disk II Sleeve v3.0 is totally different from the back side of the previous Disk II Sleeve.

wyattwong wrote:

The back side of this new Disk II Sleeve v3.0 is totally different from the back side of the previous Disk II Sleeve.

It's just a generic graphic, it can be removed and left blank, replaced with warning labels, or any graphic wanted. Originals from Apple were blank.

Well, I have used the disc sleeves from the asimov-archive, yet:


BTW: For the edge I recommend getting an edge puncher (scrapbooking accessory), the 4mm-edge does work perfect for me (and the 2mm-edge for the disk-labels).