$0201 error on a IIgs

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$0201 error on a IIgs

Hi, folks, 

I'm trying to track down the source of a problem that I've started having with my Apple IIgs all of a sudden. I've noticed that any time I try to launch a ProDOS 8 program (even something as simple as going to BASIC) the system crashes with error $0201, forcing a restart. 

I looked up the error code, and it seems to be a memory allocation error. The error does not happen when running GS/OS-based programs. 

If I start the system up with the SHIFT key held down (No Inits/DAs), things work normally, so I know that something there is causing the problem -- but I don't know the structure of GS/OS well enough to be able to track down exactly what init or desk accessory is the issue. I've tried disabling most of the desk accessories I have, but I don't know where else to go looking. 

The desk accessories that were installed with the system when I got it were (aside from the standard Control Panel items, like General, Slots, RAM, etc.):

  • Heirarchic
  • Mr. Apple
  • Calculator
  • Sound Control Panel
  • SetStart
  • Chronos II

DAs I installed were:

  • Twilight II
  • Pointless
  • TCP/IP
  • Net Time
  • AppleSqueezer GS

Just for clarity, the problem was occurring before I installed the AppleSqueezer -- so I highly doubt that its DA is the problem.

Can anyone give me an idea of where I should start looking next for issues, or is it simpler to just re-install System 6.0.4?

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The simplest thing to do is

The simplest thing to do is remove ALL inits and desk accesories. Boot the computer and make sure it boots. then one by one add the inits and desk accesories back in, restarting each time and trying ProDos 8, until it crashes. That should tell you which init or DA is the source of the problem.


Just my two cents worth



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Yes, that is the only way to

Yes, that is the only way to diagnose this, as well as all <=OS9 Macs.


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