3.5" Drive question

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3.5" Drive question

I just obtained a nice IIGS system which included the A9M0106 drive. The system also included around a dozen 3.5" disks that the seller created...but these are all on DS/HD disks. Can I even use these disks? I thought the A9M0106 was an 800k drive that would only work with DD disks.

Thanks for any help.

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It may read a HD disk ok, but

It may read a HD disk ok, but it will probably have trouble writing to it for sure. In general though, stick to DSDD. 

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I stick to DS/DD disks

I stick to DS/DD disks because of bad experiences with HD disks. They generally work but I"ve seen them lose their formatting in sometimes fairly short order.

In one case a friend of mine swore HD disks were fine to use then one night he copied onto a dozen HD disks. Ten of them became unreadable over the  next 12 hours and the rest in the next couple of days.

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