500MHz machine

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500MHz machine

I was browsing Apple specs and saw that any machine 500MHz or below was considered vintage now. Does this mean that the Dual 500MHz Gigabit G4s are considered "Vintage"

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Very much so.As far as Apple

Very much so.

As far as Apple is concerned, anything the company sells that's between 5 and 7 years old is considered "vintage." If it's older than 7 years, it's "obsolete." (The source is here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/102772)

In general parlance, "vintage" refers to anything that's over 20 years old or so, which any G4 model would also fit.

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What is considered "vintage" is entirely arbitrary and depends on who you ask.

The word literally means "grape harvest" and came to refer to a wine that was bottled from a single year's harvest, which only happens when the grapes are of particularly high quality due to the growth conditions. It then came to be used in a more general sense for collectible items of high quality that are strongly associated with a particular past era. For example, "vintage" cars are from the era of the Model T Ford or the Duesenberg, but only if they are well maintained. If they are just rotting in a barn, the correct word is "junk".

These days there are "vintage computer" organizations, who apply the term so exhaustively that it encompasses practically anything. A 2000 Dell shitbox with a Pentium 4 counts as "vintage" according to some people, and the quality aspect has basically been forgotten.

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