8k Apple I ASCII Graphics Lunar Lander (With ACI Audio Hack)

This is a highly modified version of Lunar Lander (Rocket) from 101 Basic Computer Games, where the original has no graphics, this has ASCII graphics with a lot of hidden effects Smile
This will run on an 8k Apple-1 or Mimeo with Basic loaded

If you don't have the ACI output hooked up to a pre-amp or digital buffer and a speaker or are going to try an emulator that doesn't support the ACI audio hack, just remove all the GOSUB's to the 900 range… But I kinda like the sound when you run out of fuel Smile

Don't forget the LOMEM=768


For the audio WAV file use the following ACI memory load settings....
004A.00FFR 0300.0FFFR

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My son suggested this change if you want a less busy DIGBY screen in the game....

489 TAB (X): IF X=Y1 THEN PRINT "^";:IF X#Y1 THEN PRINT ".";:B1=1

The joys of basic games, you can easily change them....


Here is a link to a version (with the . change) that has no audio ACI ROM dependancies so that you can use it on a replica-1 or emulator with out an ACI (i.e. Brain Board/Wozanium pack firmware less than version 5.2)

Link to Apple-1 Lunar Lander code no ACI Audio

Here is a little change if you want to disable the "Any Key" stops the program when it refreshes and reenable when the program ends... I'm always getting ahead of my self and accidentally stopping the program.

435 GOSUB 950
880 GOSUB 960

950 POKE -6030,234:POKE-6029,234:RETURN
960 POKE -6030,48:POKE-6029,79:RETURN