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A2 stuff to giveaway



Hi. 3rd culling of my Apple II collection/hobby - this time it hurts, tossed so much stuff.  Perhaps someone may be interested in at least these Apple manuals.  Free - just shipping/mailing.

Original Apple 2 manuals:

][ Applesoft - BASIC Programming Reference manual

Apple // - Reference Manual Addendum: Monitor ROM Listings - For //e Only

Apple //e - Applesoft Tutorial - For //e Only

Apple // - Applesoft BASIC Programmer's Reference manual - Volume 1 - For //e Only

Apple // - DOS Programmer's manual - For II, II+, //e

Apple II - Apple Plot

Apple II - Apple FORTRAN - Language Reference manual

Apple II - Applesoft Tool Kit

Apple II - The DOS manual - Disk Operating System

Apple II - Apple PILOT - Language Reference manual

The Applesoft Tutorial - apple computer inc.

Apple II - Apple PILOT - Editors manual

Apple ][ - Basic Programming manual - apple computer inc.

Apple II - Apple Pascal - Language Reference  manual

Apple II - Apple Language System - Installation and Operation manual


Original Apple 2 books - other publishers:

APPLE Machine Language for Beginners - Richard Mansfield - COMPUTE! Books

apple II Programmer's Handbook - Richard vile, Jr. - Prentice-Hall


Also, a couple of software packages:

DB Master  - Relational Data Base Management System for Apple // Computers

Publish-It! 2 - Timeworks Platinum series


Perhaps more software later, but that's it from what's left.  All books in fair to good condition, most of them coil-bound; software is complete, in original packaging (opened & gawked-at), never used.


Any interest, anyone?


=B=Y=E= -Bootstrap.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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Sad to hear there is a

Sad to hear there is a culling.. Interested in the various Apple II programming manuals.  I am in Calgary AB, will PM.  

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I had to find new homes for

I had to find new homes for everything ahead of a move to south america 8 years ago.  I hope you're still able to hold on to a good collection.

I wanted to ask if you were planning to sell any hardware?  I'm interested in a joy stick, serial card, and maybe a scsi or ide controller for the iie.  thanks.

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Are the manuals still

Are the manuals still available?

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