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A2 stuff to giveaway



Hi. 3rd culling of my Apple II collection/hobby - this time it hurts, tossed so much stuff.  Perhaps someone may be interested in at least these Apple manuals.  Free - just shipping/mailing.

Original Apple 2 manuals:

][ Applesoft - BASIC Programming Reference manual

Apple // - Reference Manual Addendum: Monitor ROM Listings - For //e Only

Apple //e - Applesoft Tutorial - For //e Only

Apple // - Applesoft BASIC Programmer's Reference manual - Volume 1 - For //e Only

Apple // - DOS Programmer's manual - For II, II+, //e

Apple II - Apple Plot

Apple II - Apple FORTRAN - Language Reference manual

Apple II - Applesoft Tool Kit

Apple II - The DOS manual - Disk Operating System

Apple II - Apple PILOT - Language Reference manual

The Applesoft Tutorial - apple computer inc.

Apple II - Apple PILOT - Editors manual

Apple ][ - Basic Programming manual - apple computer inc.

Apple II - Apple Pascal - Language Reference  manual

Apple II - Apple Language System - Installation and Operation manual


Original Apple 2 books - other publishers:

APPLE Machine Language for Beginners - Richard Mansfield - COMPUTE! Books

apple II Programmer's Handbook - Richard vile, Jr. - Prentice-Hall


Also, a couple of software packages:

DB Master  - Relational Data Base Management System for Apple // Computers

Publish-It! 2 - Timeworks Platinum series


Perhaps more software later, but that's it from what's left.  All books in fair to good condition, most of them coil-bound; software is complete, in original packaging (opened & gawked-at), never used.


Any interest, anyone?


=B=Y=E= -Bootstrap.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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Sad to hear there is a

Sad to hear there is a culling.. Interested in the various Apple II programming manuals.  I am in Calgary AB, will PM.  

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I had to find new homes for

I had to find new homes for everything ahead of a move to south america 8 years ago.  I hope you're still able to hold on to a good collection.

I wanted to ask if you were planning to sell any hardware?  I'm interested in a joy stick, serial card, and maybe a scsi or ide controller for the iie.  thanks.

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Are the manuals still

Are the manuals still available?

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A2 stuff to giveaway

I'm a teacher for future IT  pro's, and would love to be able to pass this library on to many others, who are interested in the whole history of Apple, PC's etc., before there was even networking. I am an electronics tech with 50+ years working on Apple, Compaq, and many other computers and printers. I repair to the component level, and am profficient in Assembler, C, Clipper, Dbase, Pascal, and Fortran. I write device drivers for Linux and other OS's.

I'd be happy to pay for shipping. I'm interested in any or all manuals and software, especially DB master.

Thank you for all you do!

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