ADTPro - how the @#$% does this work?!?

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ADTPro - how the @#$% does this work?!?

Forgive me because I'm a PC guy but I can get this to work... I'm using Windows XP (I know, it's an older computer) with Java 7 installed.  The instructions on the ADT page suck... I download the software but nothing will load.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you


UPDATE: I DL'd an older version of ADTPro and it worked just fine 



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Also check the baud rate on

Also check the baud rate on the apple side, it defaults to 115200 on later version of ADT pro and needs to be lowered to match host.  Glad its working now for you. I had to figure it out myself also but managed to rip some disks and get it working and the shared folder stuff for browsing the desktop.

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