Anagram game for the Apple-1

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Anagram game for the Apple-1

I've released another word game for the Apple-1: "ANAGRAM"

The game consists of guessing a word from its "anagram", where the letters are randomly swapped. I had a similar game on the "Laser 500" (another vintage computer of mine) but for the Apple-1 version I stripped out all the graphic and sound, keeping the game logic only.


It has the same dictionary as "Hangman": 2283 english words, about 16K bytes of space. The resulting file is rather big (24K) indeed we used it to the the loading times on the SD card interface.


Get the game here:


If you don't have a SD card interface, you can still load it from cassette (a 32 K memory expansion is required though). The audio file is here: and play it). The command for loading from the ACI monitor is: 0280.6313R


The program was written in C with the KickC compiler, you can look at the source code directly from Github:


SD Card interface:!