Any original PigSty BBS members here?

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Any original PigSty BBS members here?

I used to belong to what was then a very elite BBS called the Pig Sty.
It was limited to 50 members. Someone had to leave (or die) in order for new members to join.

Many of the members were well-known hackers of the era: The Cracker, The Gonif, Long John Silver, etc.
At the time, I was "The Equalizer."

This era was the early to mid 80's.
The board was run by an extremely nice and generous man named Mort.
His online handle was "The City Slicker"
Mort passed away some time ago.

Btw, some of the members were very intelligent and successful.
We had a vice president of Xerox, if I recall.
Another member made the now infamous PigFont I'm sure at least some of you are familiar with.

One other member made a disk copier that was ingenious.
He took two disk drives, eliminated the motor or belt from one and made a common spindle between the two.
Apparently he solved problems with timing, sectoring, etc) and was able to copy ANY Apple disk even if half-tracked or using other copy protection schemes.
Of course, the copy had the same exact copy protection as the original, but it was a clever design.

Anyway, I was just wondering if any previous members exist here.

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Re: Any original PigSty BBS members here?

I would not have been a member, but I know one person who might have been, and I knew another who might have been. I entered the BBS scene during the early 90's or late 80's.

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Re: Any original PigSty BBS members here?

One of my warez buddies would call it all the time. I forwarded this thread to him.

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Re: Any original PigSty BBS members here?

I was a member of the Pig Sty back in the early 80s. I was Dos Buster and remember quite a few of the old elite swine. Thanks for the kind words about my father Mort, The City Slicker. I still have contact with several of the old crew: The Bishop, Cracker, Scorpion, Ms Frisby, Firefly and Dragon.

I also still have my first Apple II which was autographed inside by Woz. And I remember calling up The Pig Sty at 300 baud!

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