AP-64e Eprom Programmer SW

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AP-64e Eprom Programmer SW

Hi Everyone!

I have an AP-64e Eprom programmer, and want to do a test on my Apple II+ (64K)

Is there any software for this card ,(Disk.dsk) or this card only uses the program inside the eprom  ?

(built-in firmware)

Thank you very much!



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This should help:

This should help:




Have fun


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Just the eprom.

Just the eprom.

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I also have an AP-64e and it

I also have an AP-64e and it's been decades since I last used it, so I'm wondering how to load and save EPROM data to disk? There's no mention of that in the manual, and no such built-in feature so I suppose you have to enter the correct machine code to do it.

I know I dumped various cards' EPROM data into this programmer and saved them to disk, but have no notes on how I did it although I believe it's got something with moving its memory contents to some specific location and defining the location when saving or loading, as well as burning into a blank EPROM. Pretty geeky and non-intuitive in other words ;-)


I'm particularly interested in this now to accompany my guide on how to change the Apple ][ title to something else, and saving it to/loading it from disk would be very useful.

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