Apple-1 eBay auction.

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Apple-1 eBay auction.

There's an Apple-1 up for auction on eBay.  This one seems a bit optimistic to me though, can anyone confirm this is real?


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Looks real to me, but ...

Looks real to me, but at 1.7 million, who cares?  Anyone with that much discretionary $$ to spend on an Apple 1 will surely have the resources to fly out & view/collect it in person.  That would not be me. :-D  Seller is asking twice of any other Apple 1 sold.

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Ludicrously overpriced.  I

Ludicrously overpriced.  I can't see anyone paying that kind of $$$ unless it was the personal machine of Woz or something.  Even with the cool case, frankly there just isn't sufficient provenance there to justify such a premium over what other Apple 1's have sold for in recent history.



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I think he's accepting offers

I think he's accepting offers.  I don't think he expects 1.7 million, but I also don't think he is accepting offers that are far below what is the going rate.  This one has one of the only known surviving byteshop cases besides mine that isn't in a museum and I'm not selling ever.

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Corey986 wrote:I'm not
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