Apple-1 exhibit at Maker Faire NYC 2018

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Apple-1 exhibit at Maker Faire NYC 2018

This weekend, Sept 22nd and 23rd 2018, at Maker Faire in NYC (World Maker Faire), VCFederation is going to be doing an exhbit of new accessories for old computer.   I will be showing of some of Wendell Sander's Apple-1 expansion boards.  I'm using a Mimeo for obvious reasons as there will be 100,000 of my closest friends, so security and safety means we bring a replica.


So what am I actually showing off.... The plan is this...


Apple-1 Mimeo (1976) hooked up to a VGA monitor using an adapter (2014).  We wil be handing out ASCII art from the Apple-1 printed out on an Imagewriter (1983) using Wendell's serial card (2015) and also demonstrating the Apple-1 acting like a USB keyboard typing into a modern computer, might even have the Apple-1 Mimeo type programs into an Apple-1 emulator.  Why... Why not?


I'm sure by Friday I may think of other weird things to do with the Mimeo and modern components.  Because why not, it's Maker Faire.

Anyway if your there, please stop by and say hi.