Apple-1 Mimeo announcement

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Apple-1 Mimeo announcement

Well I have been working with Mike Willegal on becoming the new Mimeo distributor since he is very busy with the Scelbi stuff.

I am taking over the production and sale of Mimeo, ACI and Apple Proms will free him up time for other projects.

Like Mike, I’m not doing this to make a ton of money, I just love the Apple-1 and want more people to experience it on real hardware, video dot problem and all.

I placed an order for new Mimeo boards two weeks ago and expect that they will be in soon.

I am using the same company that Mike used to make the boards. They are very high quality and “bed of nails” tested to make sure everything checks out. This assures that every Mimeo has the potential to work out of the gate. The worst thing is to build a board with vintage components and then troubleshoot the PCB itself.

Mike has done a wonderful job of evolving the Mimeo’s accuracy with help from actual Apple-1 owners providing measurements and high resolution photos.

However, these new boards have a slight upgrade to make them a little more accurate.
Obviously, you guys know I have access to original Apple-1 systems, but I guess I’m coming clean now, I have direct access so I can compare the Mimeo and original Apple-1 boards. The two Apple-1 that were shown at VCF East this year were mine, one NTI and one Byte Shop. For security reasons at VCF East, my wife wanted me to say they belonged to owners who wanted to remain anonymous, my kids. However, a solution has presented itself after some months on a waiting list, so don’t bother following me home to “borrow” an Apple-1, I’ll just say an Apple-1 board fits perfectly in an 5x10x?? bank deposit box. As with most original Apple-1 owners, the Mimeo is my daily driver.

When the boards arrive in a few weeks, I’ll post some pictures and start taking orders. I have put up more information on my website , I do hope to make an automated order form in the future.


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Re: Apple-1 Mimeo announcement

Excellent news Corey! This will be a great service to the Apple 1 community.


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Re: Apple-1 Mimeo announcement

Hi Corey986,

I built mine with a Newton 1 w/ Mike's ACI and have been planning on getting myself a Mimeo this time. Looking forward to your version of Mimeo board. Mimeo 2.0?

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Re: Apple-1 Mimeo announcement

Regarding the comment about Mimeo 2.0. When I first made Mimeo's, almost every succeeding batch had a few small tweaks in the copper, solder mask or silk screen layers. At one point, I even tweaked mounting hole placement. This was due to input from a variety of people and some of my own discoveries. For example, I once had a person contact me, who apparently went over an image of the board with a fine tooth comb and had found 4 or 5 descrepancies. Some of those descrepancies had already been incorporated into the latest version, and the new things he found were incorporated into the next version that I made.

Input and change has slowed down significantly over the past couple of years. All that said, to the untrained eye, I believe that the first version I made would be difficult to tell apart from Corey's newest version. In fact, except for a couple of the more interesting aspects of the layout that I initially didn't know about, I probably would have trouble pointing out very many of the differences, myself. Some the changes are hidden under components, and are only visable on a unpopulated board.

Corey's version might be described as something like version 1.6 or something like that. I don't actually how many tweaks I have made over the years, but some of them have been documented in my blog.

Mike Willegal

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