Apple-1 Un-Obtainium recreation parts runs...

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Apple-1 Un-Obtainium recreation parts runs...

OK I have been getting ping'd over the last few months about when I will start selling some of these things...

So I will be doing a run of something about every month... Since in many cases I do use pretty vintage stuff as a starting point aka cores, and many of these things take a ton of time to pre and create quantities are limited and costs will not be cheap (i.e I use real 24k gold when I plate the voltage regulators, if they are already gold, I have had a few real gold, I still plate on top to get a clean just out of the factory look). I will also be limiting how many I sell to a single person so that I can keep as many people as possible happy.

So for this month I actually have a few things available I have been "hoarding" and I'll keep everyone posted what is coming up....

I have available the following....

MOS 6502 DATE CODE 5176 watershed decals for logo repair 16 decals for $10 plus shipping if outside the US (the minimum is so that you can make mistakes and remove them in installing), I will also include installation instructions. I have spent many many hours perfecting this artwork. Worn date codes are very common on ceramic 6502 chips and as long as you are not a neurotic chip collector and just want it to look right for you Mimeo/Apple-1 you should be cool with this treatment. I can make other custom date codes contact me for a quote since I have to make an entire run and do have to research then create new artwork.


LM323K recreation gold regulators with National Semiconductor vintage logo and date code 550 (1975). I have both pre-NTI size and post-NTI size logos, the pre NTI was about 2% smaller. These guys are expensive and time consuming to make so they are $50 plus shipping if outside the US. These are all tested NOS recreations in 24k gold not pulls that have been cleaned up and re-logo'd and painted gold. The artwork alone took me weeks.... Quantities are very limited as I only order gold plating solution every few months and lately gold has become very expensive.

and on a per order and custom quote basis I can do vintage MMI Proms with a recreation logo and date stamp (I will keep no stock of these and have to order programmed cores 1979+DC for a substantial cost) and of course I can also create my famous custom plexiglass cases.


Coming up September and October I should have the recreation process figured out for the following....

Fairchild 1975 555 Timers price TBD
Fairchild 1975 74154 PC price TBD
Fairchild 1976 74166 PC price TBD
Custom Apple Logo decals price TBD/Contact me for prices based upon size.

One thing don't ask me about is original Apple-1 sockets... I have none to spare and haven't really found a good source that makes it reasonable for a Mimeo. only If you have a original Apple-1 with a broken socket then it may make sense to spend a small fortune on a set.