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Apple-1 -- Wi-Fi Modem / Juke-Box boards
Hi all,
I only have a few Apple-1 Wi-Fi Modems left from my last batch, assembled with love, tested and ready to be shipped.
Also: I am collecting "expressions of interest" for the next batch of Apple-1 Juke-Box, which is currently sold out:
It will be produced only if there will be a minimum number of expressions of interest and it will be ready probably just after the summer season.
For the sake of transparency I sadly have to inform you that the price of the Juke-Box will be different from the previous one, due to the increase of import custom fees starting July 1st. Unfortunately, this means a not neglibigle extra cost for their production...  :'(
If you are interested in any item, or just would like more information, please send me a PM/email, thanks!
Enjoy!  :-)