Apple 2/2e games

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Apple 2/2e games

Does anybody have Apple 2/2e games for sale?  My 13 year old nephew would like to play them.  Thanks.


Please PM me.



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You can sometimes find

You can sometimes find original games for sale on eBay...  However there are a few people who are still writing new games for the Apple II and it would be great for people to support them by buying them...


Michael Packard in particular really deserves people's support...  I've actually bought several of his games...


But if you want to play a bunch of vintage games, most of them are "out of print".   And you can find a ton for download at places like this:


And this:


If you need help getting these onto media you can play or finding a way to use modern media like SD cards or USB sticks with your Apple //e, let us know, and we can point you in the right direction.




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I recently discovered the

I recently discovered the "total replay" collection, and it's quite amazing. hundreds of games, boots to a user friendly front-end, and it only displays games your system can play (i.e. no joystick detected, it will only display keyboard capable games). It's free, and can run from a few different solutions on real hardware. I have it as a partition on my Reactive MicroDrive Turbo. If a primary use of the IIe will be for games, that's one recommendation. 

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