Apple Clear Light Superstar, found one... whats the deal?

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Apple Clear Light Superstar, found one... whats the deal?

I was cleaning out my Dad's A/V equiptment closet last weekend and found an Apple Clear Light Superstar w/ 2 disc drives. My mom says she remembers him using it for some sort of automated light shows in the mid 1980's, but she thought it was long gone. It was in a box some some other old apple joysticks and random cabling. 


I did some quick Googling and it seems like these are pretty rare... only 1 ebay auction in the past decade, only a few mentions on some OLD websites...

How rare are these? How much is it worth?


I found this forum and it seems like the type place where people will have some additional info/insight on this. I posted on Reddit but havent gotten any helpful responses. 






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Interesting, a new one on me

Interesting, a new one on me.

Some history behind Clear Light and the Superstar on the site below:

No idea as to value I'm afraid.

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I've never seeen (or even heard of these before) so I suspect that they would be quite rare. I love the rebranding on both the Apple and the drives.


As to the value, I could not guess. Being rare does not guarantee huge dollars, but in this case, and given the general condition of the machine, I wouldn't be surprised if it fetched a reasonable sum.


Given that these appear to have come out after 1980, they will not be the earliest revisions of the Apple ][ (which do fetch high premiums), but I would still expect this to be fairly desirable.


Are you able to take a photo of the motherboard, especially the area near where the power supply cable connects? There should be a date code to indicate the age of the machine. Also any unusual interface cards in there? I'm keen to see some more pictures.





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