Apple ][e Color Monitor

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Apple ][e Color Monitor

Hi all,


I have a Apple ][e Color Monitor (December 1995) that I am offering up for sale. It was part of a shipment on a ][e unit that I recieved that was not packaged correctly. The casing got cracked and has left the controls a little sensitive to adjustments. The screen itself is in good shape and works. I have the unit all packed up, this time much better protected. The unit can be repaired or used as spare parts. I am open to offers on it as I have already found a replacement.





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what did you do about the

what did you do about the costs/seller/shipper?  I just recieved an old coco that came in smashed up thanks to fedex . I filed a claim on it and let the seller know but I don't expect the seller to take a loss as the package seemed like it was mishandled in shipping as even the foam it was sitting in was intact. the transformer is screwed onto the base of the case of the machine and the transformer ripped a huge chunk of the case off.What did you end up doing?  thx

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