Apple //e power supply no output

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Apple //e power supply no output

Hello all, I am new to this forum so please tell me if I am breaking any rules.

The Aztec power supply on my Apple //e doesn't output anything, and I have run out of ideas as to what could be causing it. I have replaced all electrolytic capacitors, as well as the RIFA paper cap, and there was still no change. I checked all of the traces and inspected the solder joints and nothing would indicate that there are any cold joints or broken traces. Any ideas about what it could be are appreciated. I can also post some pictures later if that would help.

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First I‘d start measuring the

First I‘d start measuring the voltage at the transformer primary, then on secondary side and see, if the correct voltages come to and from the transformer... so you would be able to tell, if the problem is on primary or on secondary side.

I guess, you already have checked the fuse?

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and the followup pages

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Check the little feedback

Check the little feedback transformer, one of the windings goes open circuit. Its the most common cause of the symptoms you describe once the supply has been recapped.

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