Apple //e & Super Serial Card

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Apple //e & Super Serial Card

I have been trying to get My Apple //e & Super Serial Card to go into Terminal Mode. I am experiencing difficulty getting the //e to accept Control A or I ect. and it doesn't always want to execute the CHR$(x) command from Basic. I was able to make a direct connection to my PC using HyperTerm on the PC and Entering IN#2 and PR#2 on the //e. Once I forced 7 Bits in Hyperterm's receiving Cycle I finally got a Readable Display on the PC. I am hoping to use the //e to talk to my NorthStar Horizon's Monitor through an IMS SIO-2 Card. I was using a Canon Innova Book 10C but I am unable to get the Monitor on the N* CPU to accept Keyboard Input from the Cannon. I am hoping I'll have better success with the //e. All of my Older Terminals have gone Belly up and went to TRASH Heaven. !!!
Can anyone out there give me some HINTS. ????
Bob in Wisconsin